Guest Tattoo Artist

ROBERT HERNANDEZ - Vittamin Tattoo studio, Madrid

Tattooing at East Side Tattoo Studio: Coming Soon

Throughout the years I have tried to develop my own unique style. My style tends to be a little on the dark side, sinister even. My main focus has always been realism. I like to play with different tones and textures. I also enjoy distorting portraits or any other type of image. I try to create things that look as alive as possible no matter how far fetched the subject may appear. I believe that anything you can draw or paint you can tattoo. 

Since 1993, I’ve worked countless conventions and tattoo studios from all over the world. I have and will always gain great experience and inspiration from my travels. In 2000, I opened my own studio in Madrid. Vittamin Tattoo where I work still to this day.